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Welcome to Morningstar Counseling & Consultation, PC.

Our clinic serves children, adolescents, and adults of all ages. We specialize in anxiety, depression, ADHD, and trauma. Our team works closely with families, schools, and medical providers to provide consistent and cohesive care for the individuals we serve.


Traumatic events can be difficult to understand and may impact our daily interactions at school, home, or work.  These experiences can have a negative impact on child development.  Our clinicians at Morningstar specialize in treating children who have experienced trauma and work collaboratively with families, schools, and physicians.


At Morningstar, we offer Telehealth services which allow for flexibility with scheduling as well as enhanced confidentiality of services.  This service is a convenient option that has been extremely beneficial to individuals in rural areas of the State.  Telehealth is a secure connection that allows you to receive services in the comfort of your home and with more flexibility.

Partners and Training

Morningstar counseling partners with multiple organizations to improve accessibility to services. We also partner with multiple universities to provide training for Master’s level interns. Please contact us if you are interested in placement at Morningstar Counseling & Consultation, PC.


Schedule Appointment

We provide clinical services throughout the State of Nebraska. We have offices in Lincoln and Beatrice. We also provide telehealth services for individuals in rural areas. Please contact Tara Cries For Ribs below to learn more about when we will be in your area and to schedule an appointment