Dr. Cindy Von Seggern

My name is Cindy Von Seggern, and I am incredibly excited to join Morningstar Counseling! l am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist – NE 959, having received my Ph.D. at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and M.A. at Boston College. I am originally from a small community in Iowa, having then moved across the country for my education and training before making Lincoln my permanent home. I have had training and work experience in multiple settings, from secondary schools, universities, community mental health agencies, a physical health rehabilitation hospital, sexual violence agencies, and substance abuse treatment centers. Further, I have experience with working with persons from diverse backgrounds with a myriad of presenting concerns. I have additionally spent many years providing outreach to the University of Lincoln – Nebraska, educating students about mental health needs and concerns, as well as have provided training and supervision to psychologists-in-training. These experiences have shaped me as a generalist – meaning I have training and experience to treat the common mental health concerns persons may experience – with specific expertise in emerging young adult issues/transitions, collaborative mood disorder treatment, trauma, SPMI including eating disorders, and substance abuse concerns.

My approach to counseling is very collaborative, where we first begin with gathering your narrative of what makes you “you,” next identifying the concerns that brought you to therapy, and creating a plan to address the concerns and assist you in growing towards the path and person you want to be. You will find much of what we do is having conversations that are exploratory and discovery-based, assisting you in growing your awareness and insight of yourself so to grow your authority with making the change you need and want in your life. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me; I look forward to assisting those I serve with the change process and provide support to achieve the growth and peace they are looking for.