College Counseling Services

Morningstar Counseling offers several different avenues of support for College Counseling Centers and the students, staff and faculty that they help.

Individual Counseling

For students and faculty.

This pairs any student, faculty or staff member with a counselor that can help them through their unique situation and stage of life.

For Students

Whether you are a new student transitioning into college life or experiencing test anxiety as you prepare to graduate, we are here to help you excel during this exciting time of life.

For Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff face many different challenges while maintaining an environment to educate our future generations. Morningstar Counseling is here to help you so you can focus on helping your students.

Group Counseling

Talking circles, support groups and interpersonal process groups.

Talking Circles

Talking circles allow students, faculty and staff to help one another through tough times during their academic or career journey. Talking circles can be used for discussion, problem solving, and/or decision making. The purpose of a talking circle is to create a safe, non-judgmental environment where each participant has the opportunity to contribute to the discussion of difficult and important issues.

Support Groups

Support Groups offer a space for participants with common experiences and concerns to provide emotional and moral support to one another. These groups tend to be centered around a specific topic (i.e., a grief support group, group for first-gen students, lgbtqa+ support group) where participants can offer encouragement and comfort to one another.

Interpersonal Process Groups

Interpersonal Process Groups tend to focus on relationships, intimacy, boundaries, self-awareness and other components of interpersonal process. These groups are designed to help members learn to deal with a variety of concerns including feelings of depression and anxiety, relationship issues, and other personal and academic concerns. Sessions are lead by an experienced counselor that can offer guidance and foster healing conversation for all to take part in.


Outreach and education.

Outreach and education are major components of a mentally healthy and happy student body. Morningstar Counseling offers on site workshops where students can learn how to cope with various issues they may be struggling with. For many students this is an easy way to introduce themselves to counseling and therapy if they feel intimidated by the thought of talking to someone one on one.

Topics Include

  • Suicide Prevention and Awareness

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Test Anxiety

  • Managing the Holiday Blues

  • Self-Care During Finals

  • Well-being and Coping Skills

  • BASICS/CASICS (Program designed for college students who want to explore their alcohol and/or cannabis use. The goal of the program is to reduce risky behaviors and harmful consequences associated with their use).