Counseling Services

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Our knowledgeable and experienced clinical staff help their clients in a variety of ways to overcome the effects of anxiety, depression, ADHD and Trauma. There are several ways to find help at Morningstar.  

Individual counseling is typically a session with the provider and the individual seeking services. These services may include collaboration with other persons or agencies as identified by the client. Goals are collaboratively created and services can be provided via Telehealth if necessary.

Our clinic offers family counseling in which we work closely with the family to establish identifiable goals for the family unit. We promote a solution focused approach and work with families to promote empowerment, cohesion, safety, and well-being.

Our clinic specializes in working with children and adolescents who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. We focus on the function of the behavior and work closely with children and individuals to provide support, education, and alternative behaviors. We also work closely with schools when students have IEP’s in place.

Couple’s counseling is offered for couples who are interested in gaining insight into their relationship, resolving conflict, and understanding metacommunication. Couple’s counseling is a collaborative and solution focused approach that promotes healthy relationships and problem solving techniques.

Telehealth counseling can be applied to all of the above counseling services and can be used with many different therapy modalities such as  TF-CBT, PCIT and EMDR.

With Telehealth,Care Is Closer Than You Think.


Simple and flexible

Telehealth services allow for flexibility with scheduling as well as enhanced confidentiality of services. This service is a convenient option that has been very beneficial to individuals in rural areas of the state. Telehealth is a secure connection that allows you to receive services in the comfort of your home and with more flexibility. 
Simple and flexible

Reach out

Give our office a call to check for availability. After that, you can complete your initial paperwork online.

Log in

You get a single secure link from your therapy provider that you will use to enter your therapy sessions.


At the time of each of your appointments, you will enter the virtual waiting room by clicking on the link you were provided using a device with a camera and internet connectivity.


Your personal therapy provider will then start your session at your designated time.

Our Specialties


Depression takes many forms and can look different for each person. Help and healing start with asking for help.


Work with professional and gain back your freedom.


Widespread and mainstream, ADHD is often misunderstood in both children and adults.


Process through your trauma and begin to heal with clinical guidance.

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