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Offering experiences to students at all levels of their training.

Clinical Placement

We accept students from master’s and doctoral programs in counseling and clinical psychology. We do ask that you have one year of practicum experience prior to starting your training year with Morningstar. Supervisors are licensed clinicians (i.e., counselors and psychologists) and will be matched by the requirements of your program.

With Training opportunities At:

Omaha Nation Public Schools

Walthill Public Schools

Winnebago Reservation

Winnebago Public Schools

Lincoln Public Schools

Behavioral Health Education Center of Nebraska

Nebraska Indian Community College

Little Priest Tribal College

Omaha Reservation

Society of Care

Munroe-Meyer Institute

Be a part of the team.

Trainees with Morningstar are invited to attend staff meetings and weekly case consultations with staff. They have the opportunity to attend trainings such as TF-CBT, and trainings focused on serving the Native/American Indian communities. There are also opportunities for outreach, facilitating presentations, and we are always looking for creative ways to reach the communities we serve. If you are interested in learning more about training opportunities with Morningstar, please contact Dr. Belinda Hinojos at Please note that LPS is the only location offering in-person sessions due to the pandemic. All other locations are currently offering telehealth. Please check with your program regarding requirements around telehealth, supervision, recording, and completing your clinical placement out of state (if applicable).

A truly unique learning experience.

Doctoral Internship

Emphasis in Intertribal Behavioral Health

Match Code 141623 (2 positions available)

Morningstar Counseling and Consultation, P.C. has recently partnered with the Munroe Meyer Institute (MMI) and will be a site for those completing their doctoral internship with MMI through the Nebraska Internship Consortium in Professional Psychology (NICPP). 

This program is a unique, specialized living and learning experience. Interns will work collaboratively alongside psychologists from Morningstar Counseling and Consultation, P.C., (MCC) who have extensive experience in treating trauma, issues in diversity, and serving rural and reservation areas. This focus ultimately serves to reduce health disparities among Native/American Indian peoples while providing psychology interns with diverse and comprehensive training opportunities. These training opportunities include outpatient treatment, school consultation and treatment within the Omaha Nation and Winnebago reservations, the Omaha Nation Public Schools, the Winnebago Public Schools, collaborative opportunities with Carl T. Curtis Health Education Center, and collaboration with community partners. 

Interns training with Morningstar can expect to receive didactic training in life on the reservation, Native/American Indian Behavioral Health, Historical and Intergenerational Trauma, Cultural Healing Practices, and a thorough introduction to life on the reservation within the Omaha Nation and Winnebago Public School systems. They will also receive training in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) and Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) that has been adapted to working specifically with the Native/American Indian community. These training techniques will guide interns in the treatment of multiple forms of trauma, grief, adjustment disorders, and other serious emotional disturbances.  There will be opportunities to administer assessments to children for PTSD, ADHD, depression, anxiety, and other disorders that impact daily functioning.  Interns will receive training and introduction to Morningstar and our community partners as part of their orientation as they are becoming familiar with our site. Through a developmental model of supervision, interns will have the opportunity to observe/shadow MCC clinical staff during the intake process, and on-going sessions, prior to taking on their own caseload. We hope this will reduce any anxiety about working with the community and help interns feel more knowledgeable about Native/American Indian behavioral health needs prior to seeing clients. Our goal is that as interns move through the internship year, they will begin to work more independently and begin to create their own collaborations and professional relationships within the reservation and nearby communities.

For more information about MCC as a doctoral internship site for the Munroe Meyer Institute please contact Dr. Belinda Hinojos at:

You can also visit Information on how to apply can be found at: