Field Placement Training

Morningstar Counseling & Consultation

Field Placement Training

The mission of Morningstar Counseling and Consultation, P.C. is to promote hope and healing for Native American children, adults and families by providing culturally appropriate and competent therapeutic services through a holistic approach. This holistic approach represents a circular model of well-being and health through a relational worldview.

Our Training Objectives Are:

Join The Team

We accept students from master’s and doctoral programs in counseling,  clinical, and school psychology. We do ask that you have one semester of practicum experience (at minimum) prior to starting your training year with Morningstar. Our clinicians specialize in supervision and consultation from a decolonized framework. Our clinical providers have unique experience in serving Native American reservations and training clinicians to serve in these communities.  

*Supervisors are licensed clinicians (i.e., counselors and psychologists) and will be matched by the requirements of your program.

Grow As A Professional

Trainees with Morningstar are invited to attend staff meetings and weekly case consultations with staff. They have the opportunity to attend trainings focused on serving the Native/American Indian communities. There are also opportunities for outreach, groups, facilitating presentations, and we are always looking for creative ways to reach the communities we serve.

Hear About Our Program From Former Trainees

Program Overview

Field Placement Trainee Schedule

Field Placement trainees are expected to be on-site 18-25 hours/week over a minimum of 2 days (based on the requirements of their program). Practicum trainees are required to start the second week of August to go through orientation and training. The field placement year goes through the third week of May.

Required Supervision Hours

Field Placement trainees receive at least 2 hours of supervision per week, 1 hour of which is individual supervision by the primary supervisor. The primary supervisor is involved in an ongoing supervisory relationship with the trainee and has primary professional clinical responsibility for the cases on which they provide supervision. A practicum trainee may have different primary supervisors engaged in providing individual supervision during the course of the placement.

The other 1+ hour of supervision is regularly scheduled cohort supervision (1-1.5 hour(s) per week). At different points in the field placement, additional supervision may be provided for outreach activities and/or supervision of group therapy.


Trainees participate in extensive orientation training. In early August, practicum trainees participate in clinical and cultural orientation and training.  The orientation covers all major services and activities of Morningstar, as well as tours of the reservations, history of the tribal communities, cultural practices, and didactics focused on serving tribal communities. Time is built in to allow relationship-building with each other as a cohort, and with other staff with whom they will be working.

Evaluation and Feedback

Trainees and their supervisors are involved in mutual formal and informal evaluations throughout the year. They are encouraged to discuss goals for supervision, progress being made toward those goals and areas of supervision needing attention. Each evaluation period, supervisors and trainees complete a formal written evaluation of each other and the supervisory experience. Trainees are also asked to evaluate the training program itself. Information gathered from evaluations is used to assess trainees’ progress and to make needed changes in the supervision process and/or the training program.

To Apply:

Morningstar Counseling and Consultation, P.C. is excited to be accepting field placement applications for the 2024-2025 academic year. Applications are generally received January-March, with interviews taking place through May. Most applicants are selected by May with the application cycle closing by June. If you have any questions about the application process please contact Dr. Belinda Hinojos through the form below.