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Investing In Our Communities

At Morningstar Counseling and Consultation, we believe that investing in young people is one of the most impactful ways to invest in our communities. That’s why we’re proud to offer scholarships to students in the areas we serve. These scholarships are more than just financial assistance – they’re a way to recognize the hard work and potential of young people and to support them in achieving their dreams. We’ve been thrilled to see the incredible successes of our scholarship recipients, who have gone on to make a real difference in their communities and beyond. By offering scholarships, we’re not just investing in individuals – we’re investing in a brighter future for everyone.

Introducing the

Nate Collins Memorial

Character Scholarship

About Nate

"Big Nate" Collins

Nate Collins “Big Nate” (08/15/04-04/27/2023), an accomplished athlete, scholar, and friend left a legacy of friendship, support, and love.  He was full of life, positivity, and had an infectious smile with a contagious laugh.  Nate enjoyed cooking and found a love for writing while in college, where he played football.  In honor of all that Big Nate brought to the world, his friends and family, we choose to carry on his legacy by awarding The Nate Collins Character Scholarship to a student who continues in the footsteps of such a positive role model that was Nate.  This will be an annual scholarship that is awarded to a Ponca City High School Senior who exemplifies leadership, kindness, and outreach to other students.  This is a one-time award offered to students who are selected annually through the application process.

Nate Collins Character Scholarship

Student Qualifications:

  • Must be a Senior or a Freshman in College
  • Must be a graduate of Ponca City High School
  • Goes above and beyond for peers, colleagues, and community
  • GPA must be 2.5 or higher
  • Recipients shall embody characteristics of Nate Collins such as peer support, friendship, and positive energy

How to Nominate a Student:

  • Students may self-nominate
  • Teacher/Counselor/Faculty Nomination of student
  • Community member Nomination
  • Any interested student, faculty, or community member who wishes to submit an application can receive the full application by emailing

Amount of Scholarship:

$1,000.00-one time payment to college/university (enrollment must be verified)

Payment/Distribution of Award

The scholarship will be sent directly to the college/university the awardee will be attending.

Application Dates

March 1st through August 1st

Award Announcement

The Awardee will be notified via email with an article published in the Ponca City Newspaper.

*Parents/guardians must give permission for the student to be included in a press release along with photo.

Nate Collins Character Scholarship Self Nomination Form

Students, please upload your transcript at the bottom.

Nate Collins Character Scholarship Community Nomination Form

Use this form if you would like to nominate someone else.